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Joe Thomas, Solution Evangelist – Analytics
Tracks: Thought Leader, Financial Management, Professional Services Automation

Using the world’s only customer-centric ERP means that you will be generating and collecting more customer data than you have in the past. This data volume and velocity can easily overwhelm traditional reporting processes. Learn how FinancialForce is bringing the power of Salesforce Einstein Analytics and Einstein Discovery to our Financials and PSA customers, and see examples of how we utilize Einstein internally to improve our business processes.

Kevin Roberts, Director of Platform Technology
Track: Thought Leader

Businesses are racing to meet rising customer expectations while finding new revenue models in shifting market conditions. Meanwhile IT teams are tasked to find the latest technologies in cloud services, mobility and machine learning to help meet these challenges.

There’s a big opportunity here for business leaders, working together with IT, to make a huge impact in their companies. But all too often cloud adoption projects fail due to poor strategy and a lack of common understanding between those responsible for business strategy and those providing the tools to support the business.

This session, aimed at business leaders and department heads with a non-technical background, provides a solid practical foundation of the core capabilities of the Salesforce Platform. Learn not only the key capabilities available to any application you choose to run on Salesforce but also the fundamental business benefits these capabilities can provide. Armed with this knowledge you’ll quickly be working side by side with IT to help your business survive and thrive in the new services economy.

Nick Emmett, Community Manager
Track: Thought Leader

Uncover new ways you can collaborate for YOUR success. Exchange ideas and share tips with other users; track your support cases; get the jump on our latest releases with training and documentation; tell us what new features you want to see – just a few of the many benefits of participating in the FinancialForce Customer Community.

Ankur Gupta, IT Business Relationships
Track: Thought Leader

SaaS is a hot trend which is changing the way organizations are preparing for the millennial transformation journey. Understanding multiple cloud design patterns is essential in choosing the right cloud vendor. Learn how PTC answered the multitude of tough questions on the journey to choosing the right ERP Cloud, including:

  • What are some apparent and hidden costs in the decision?
  • Were there hidden integration challenges in moving cloud to a broader enterprise ecosystem?
  • What are key benefits of a connected ERP?

Participate in a “live” poll for peer to peer responses about cloud selection. Leave with a basic construct on how to choose the right ERP Cloud.

Machell Enke, Managing Partner
Jocelyn Fennewald, Managing Partner
Tracks: Thought Leader, Financial Management

The Salesforce Platform offers advanced analytics that can often be seen as a wide open wilderness. Attend this session and the trail guides will help you navigate your path through the vastness of analytics within FinancialForce. See all that is possible and use real world applications of the analytics to take your reporting to the next level. Also, Einstein will make an appearance to help you understand the advanced analytics that is possible with such a powerful AI tool. This session is open to all skill levels.

Curtis Gold, Planning and Innovation
Kathlyn Williams, Product Owner – PSA
Tracks: Thought Leader, Professional Services Automation

In the new services economy where IT is more and more distributed, maximizing your vendor relationships has never been more critical. Come learn from industry leaders such as RedHat, Amazon Web Services (AWS) and HP Enterprise the methods and tactics they use to get the most from their key vendors. Attendees of this session will learn the strategies used by industry leaders to maximize the value of their IT investments and have the chance to ask their own questions.

Matthew Byrne, Pre-Sales Technical Solution Specialist
Track: Financial Management

Learn about new reporting functionality as well as tips and tricks for each of the FinancialForce Reporting Tools. Some highlights: Statutory Reports within FinancialForce Reporting, Transaction Queries within Action views and Data export and refresh within Excel using XL Plus. Take away real world applications of how to maximize these reports for your business.

Matthew Byrne, Pre-Sales Technical Solution Specialist
Track: Financial Management

Want to master the budgets? Get an inside look at the objects available for budget entry, ‘Budgets and Balances’ and ‘Reporting Balances’. We’ll review the difference between these objects, how they work, why they exist and which you should use. Also learn how to load, revise, and even forecast budgets within the system.

Krista Ladd, Managing Partner
Ladd Partners
R.J. Smith, VP of Finance
Venture Technologies
Track: Financial Management

If you have a SCM and FinancialForce Accounting you may have issues calculating your true gross margin by Account, by Sales Order, or by sales person. With a few triggers and some FFA Sub-Analysis Mapping you can find this holy grail! Learn how you to quickly report on transactions across all sources, tie PPV back to the PO and SO, and track Inventory Perpetual COGS transactions to an Account. Then slice and dice the information any way you want using Salesforce Reporting.

R.J. Smith from Venture Technologies will join Krista Ladd from Ladd Partners to demonstrate how to set-up this solution, including a live demo, and various report examples.

Nana Gregg, VP | Sr. Salesforce Administrator
Track: Financial Management

Take your FinancialForce implementation to the next level with Salesforce Visual Flow and automate your way to success. One of the biggest benefits of FinancialForce is that it is built on top of the Salesforce Platform and amazing things happen when you combine Salesforce CRM with FinancialForce ERP!

Automate processes, loop through records, create and delete records, send notifications and chatter posts, transform data, perform complex rollups and more with Salesforce Visual Flow without any code at all!

This session will feature a live demonstration of Flow, with an overview of key concepts and tools. We’ll build flows live to show you how it all works and provide you with ideas and takeaways that will help you become a Flow Master!

Bryan Miller, Director, Business Operations
Bluewater Learning
Tracks: Financial Management, Professional Services Automation, Revenue Recognition

Today, the options for pre-built applications which solve legitimate business challenges are endless. But when those solutions are not centrally integrated, the ability to drive your strategic business objectives becomes challenging. Learn how Bluewater Learning laid the groundwork for a successfully integrated Salesforce and FinancialForce-based ecosystem that can be scaled and maintained with minimal staff. We’ll dive into specifics on how our system is built, governed, and maintained by PSA, Accounting, and RevRec keeping us agile as our business constantly evolves.

John Johnson, Sr. Customer Success Manager – Enterprise
Track: Professional Services Automation

In today’s dynamic business landscape, complacency can be the downfall of even the best organizations. This is especially true in the ever-changing services industry. Join this open discussion with services industry leaders on how they are able to spot the curveballs the market throws and make swift adjustments using the foresight and adaptability delivered by FinancialForce PSA. Focus areas to include: organic growth, mergers and acquisitions, transitioning to new methodologies, and more in this learning and listening customer panel.

Scott Miller, Operations Manager
Track: Professional Services Automation

EASi has been a leader in Engineering services for over 35 years. A critical facet of maintaining an industry edge is adapting to what the customer needs. EASi will share their story on using FinancialForce PSA to provide customer value through capturing Earned Value Management (EVM) metrics. These metrics are leveraged to validate and understand both resource and project performance against the baselined schedule and task estimates. These are essential to understanding when projects will hit critical milestones, how they will fair in respect to project costs, and how we can pivot to improve the project overall.

EASi has established an industry differentiation through their enablement of EVM and real-time data visibility with dynamic PSA dashboards and Tableau analytics. To learn more about the how, why, and wow, join us for this session.

Jaclyn Todd, Resource Allocation Manager
Track: Professional Services Automation

Experiencing hyper-growth can be either exciting or terrifying depending on the team behind the wheel and the vehicle on the road. The systems you leverage and the processes you create during this stage will determine how successful your organization can be throughout this pivotal period. FinancialForce PSA leverages the flexibility of the cloud and the power of the platform to ensure that our application enables growth without limits.

Join Jackie Todd, Manager of Operations and Resourcing at Fruition Partners (a DXC Company) as she outlines her experiences with PSA in times of hyper-growth. Jackie has key experience from all angles of organizational change and will leverage her viewpoints from time spent in a smaller and hyper-successful boutique services firm to an industry giant. We will discuss lessons learned, successes championed, and how to keep your eye on the road as a contributor in any organization of any size.

Robert Falardeau, Business and Vendor Relationship Manager
Track: Professional Services Automation

What is your approach to Vendor Management? Do you limit yourself to making sure they are meeting their contractual obligations? Are your key vendors part of your team? At HPE, we have come up with an approach that may open your eyes to the potential of true partnering. This includes how to develop relationships in this age of conference calls. How to set objectives that motivate both the customer and the vendor. How to influence your vendors in order to reduce the cost of customization. Take this opportunity to gain a fresh perspective on Vendor Management.

Rich Tolocka, VP, Technology Operations
Phase2 Technology
Track: Professional Services Automation

Generating an integrated forecast, reflecting both pipeline revenue (sales) and booked revenue (projects) is one the most valuable aspects of a PSA solution. In this session, we’ll cover the basics of Backlog, train on Enhanced Forecasting, and then highlight a few custom additions that could take your Forecasting solution over the top. Get insight on how to establish a basic capability in Forecasting using our PSA, as well as advanced techniques combining both standard FinancialForce functionality and customization.

Paul Robinson, Director, Professional Services
Kenna Schuman, Manager, Information Management
Track: Professional Services Automation

There is an old Buddhist saying, “If you want to know your past, look into your present conditions. If you want to know your future, look into your present actions”. The way to accomplish this is through information. Focusing in on what the data of the past and present conditions is telling us should inform the strategic decisions we make that shape the future.

For those thinking about or just beginning your exploration of FinancialForce PSA, as a FinancialForce customer (Blackbaud) I would like to share our experience moving from disparate data sets to standardized reports and dashboards; from resource forecasting and availability band-aids to templates and processes. We’re creating a new culture where data is king and FinancialForce PSA is leveraged to provide visibility into portfolio health, trends, successes, and other areas to strategically grow our business. We’ll share our planned next steps and have the experts at FinancialForce available to share how to get even more out of your data.

Marshall King, SVP, IT Solutions
Track: Professional Services Automation

This session is intended for declarative (click not code) admins who want to take their FinancialForce PSA application to the next level with Salesforce Lightning.

Optimize the Lightning experience by designing with your Users in mind. Develop Lightning Apps and Pages that reflect the needs and day-to-day functions of your User Personas to highlight the information and tools they need to be productive. Provide an unprecedented view into your customers with Lightning Dashboards and Components.

Learn how JLL migrated a 300+ User Org to Lightning in 60 Days. We’ll walk through the learning, planning, design and deployment of Lightning for our users and provide insight into some of the technical challenges identified during the roll out.

The session will include a live demonstration of how easy it is to configure Lightning Pages and provide you with next steps to get started on your own Lightning rollout.

More sessions to come!

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